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Hella – Tripper – Headless

hella1 Hella   Tripper   Headless

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When Zach Hill’s Face Tat came out, I had mixed emotions. It was not the quality of the album itself: after all, I thought the album was brilliant, the songs were tactfully done, and the flow was simply flawless. Yet the biggest cause of this sadness was the nostalgia. I have personally never seen Hella live yet treat “Hold Your Horse Is” like a bible, like Brutus patting a dead Julius on the back. Furthermore it also felt like the end of a legacy. Face Tat was Zach Hill’s second full release album and it solidfied the fact that he was not taking this lightly. So when I heard that Hella is coming back from it’s hiatus to provide auditorial hallucinations, I was speechless. And as I should be, have you guys heard this stuff? I posted up my favorite of the “Untitledyoutube clips, aka “Headless“, done in honor of the track/album mysteriously entitled Tripper. Furthermore, the official artwork (above) and the track listings (below) are now available. Now the main problem is that we still have well over 2 months before its release, August 2011… Still it is of course amazing news to hear that they are once more releasing music and therefore, most likely, will be having a tour sometime soon. Not only that, but the song “Headless” is a nice reminder that the Hold Your Horse Is Zach Hill Hella is far from gone. Hell, it just started.

Hella – Tripper – Headless


01. Headless
02. Self Checkout
03. Long Hair
04. Yubacore
05. Netgear
06. Kid Life Crisis
07. On The Record
08. Furthest
09. Psycho Bro
10. Osaka

- Cliff

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