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Creepy Marbles on Easy Tapes

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Easy Tapes is psyched to present a 3-song sampler from weirdo-collective Creepy Marbles, undisputed champions of otherworldly psychedelicious jungle jams and heartfelt filth-pop. Projecting from the Humboldt County haze and defying/denying most linguistic limitations, Creepy Marbles sounds like a Rainbow gathering of sonic sickness, churning out trip-happy folk-rap sing-a-longs with stanky synth beats and plenty of zone-outs. Featured on the sampler is “Sunblecch’d,” best described as ‘dank,’ but more specifically the kind of solid gold that I imagine Avey Tare & Panda Bear might whip out on some futuristic caribbean spirit quest. The video is no-quality high-brow and vice versa, exploding with enough rainbow bodypaint and lo-res acid visuals to satisfy even the most sophisticated of freak palates. Thank goddess for these kids, and grab their sampler below.

Download Creepy Marbles sampler HERE.

Written by: Kelly Schirmann

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