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Cosmo V- “V” Easy Tapes re-release

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Easy Tapes is stoked to re-release ‘V’ by Cosmo V, a tasty collection of sultry, sexy dreampop tunes that make up a pretty lovely soundtrack to everything you could do just before falling asleep. Though Dutch-born Cosmo refers to her style as ‘sleazy lo-fi,’ V packs a surprising amount of polish.
cosmo v4 Cosmo V  V Easy Tapes re release
These tracks strike a nice balance between a late-night dance party and its inevitable comedown, a gorgeous and smooth pop-dreamscape that echoes into the wee hours, all sewn together by the winds of ethereal vocals. Featuring soundscapes and sonic journeys reminiscent of jj, the xx, and Lykke Li, Cosmo’s EP is a super high-quality gift of bedroom music that, sleazy or not, will go down smooth every time.

Download ‘V’ via HERE

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