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Body Cheetah-”French Chicks” single re-release

body cheetah Body Cheetah French Chicks single re release

Body Cheetah- 2 Drunk 2 Fuck

Easy Tapes is proud to re-release Body Cheetah’s French Chicks single with the addition of 3 bonus tracks. Its tough to pigeonhole Body Cheetahs sound, you might call it 80’s night club music or fucked up disco. Synth-washed anthems and slow-burning dance beats are accompanied by sleazy spaced-out R&B infused vocal ramblings reminiscent of Zak Mering’s Greatest Hits. Listening to the French Chicks Single is like drinking too much cough syrup and hitting the bong to hard, but that’s just the way Body Cheetah rolls.

Download Body Cheetah’s French Chicks single + 3 Bonus tracks HERE.

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