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This Week’s Past Life: “We Lick the Guilt from Our Lips, We Make Confessions from Fertile Hips”

The good life   novena on a nocturn This Weeks Past Life: We Lick the Guilt from Our Lips, We Make Confessions from Fertile Hips
The Good Life: Novena on a Nocturne

2000, Better Looking Records

Ah, Tim Kasher. The man behind Cursive and The Good Life. If you’ve never seen either one of these bands live, it’s a must. Kasher’s stage presence is amazing.

Novena on a Nocturne is the debut from The Good Life – a project that originally was just Kasher solo. Stylistically, the album is a huge departure from Cursive’s Domestica that was also released that year, and that was the point. Kasher was looking to do something different, something that didn’t fit into the intense, sometimes screaming of Cursive. Granted, The Good Life’s songs are still filled with his signature growl of a man whose heart just might be bleeding as he sings – and that’s why I love him.

While I adore Novena on a Nocturne as a whole, my two favorites have to be “Your Birthday Present” – a song with lines that we all think about whenever an ex’s birthday comes along; and “The Moon Red Handed” – simply, it’s a lyrical masterpiece.

Kasher does heartache proud always, and in this album it’s a lovely first glimpse of him stripped down and naked – metaphorically speaking, of course.

By: Amanda Chatel

“The Competition” from Novena on a Nocturne live:

YouTube Preview Image
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