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runwaydreamz fashion 1 300x245 Runwaydreamz

If ever there were to be a pair of shorts that could communicate a hundred different messages just on the mere fabrics and embellishments of the piece of clothing itself, it would definitely come from Runwaydreamz. Christian Yasser Massuh, the creative genius behind Runwaydreamz, reinvents the “wild child” aesthetic through each unique pair of shorts, which, by the way, are all handmade, meaning that originality literally bursts at the seams. Tattered and torn, dyed wild hues, studded to perfection, and even bearing the American flag, Runwaydreamz shorts are sure to make a statement. Plus, the highwaisted/vintage design of the shorts are always a cool spin on regular cut shorts found in retail shops.

runwaydreamz fashion 2 300x245 Runwaydreamz

runwaydreamz fashion 3 300x245 Runwaydreamz

runwaydreamz fashion 4 300x245 Runwaydreamz

runwaydreamz fashion 5 300x245 Runwaydreamz

runwaydreamz fashion 6 300x245 Runwaydreamz

Check out their website: http://www.runwaydreamz.com

By: Karissa Macapagal

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