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RETRO: The Royal Family & the Poor (1987)

 RETRO: The Royal Family & the Poor (1987)

The Royal Family & The Poor- Creatura

Captivating oriental tinted new-wave. This track is of the ‘In The Sea Of E’ album. Here’s what Mike Keane had to say about making this album: “The hardest thing has been doing it with no money. The whole album has been done on a grand total of £1000. I’ve already sold most of my equipment to raise the money, but nevertheless things work in mysterious ways. If you look at all the reasons why you should give up, or why you shouldn’t do anything because you haven’t got any money, then you’ll never get anywhere. I’m so much in debt now that it’s ridiculous, but I don’t care, because I know I can leave the country if I have to.”


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