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Reality Check – Dubstep Garden Rave

 Reality Check   Dubstep Garden Rave

I take a deep drag from my 27 as I stare out into the Tiberino Art Museum. After months of negotiations, explorations, and missed opportunities, it felt as though things were finally falling into place. The Drexel Sierra Earth Week Finale over at the Fake House was absolutely incredible and I knew I couldn’t treat my next show with little commitment. With all of this in mind, Dissociative Identity Productions, Bass Face Productions, & Sick of the Radio is proud to present a return to the Garden of Eden, aka, “Reality Check“. Featuring our own DirtyDave, Ben Pramuck, Jack Deezl, EuniQ DJ/MF Parm, & our Brooklyn buddies, Night Kids, Reality Check will be a full 7 hours of Dubstep, Trance, & Electronica. Furthermore, in case ya didn’t know, the Tiberino Museum is an absolutely amazing spot for all this to be going down. With murals covering every square inch & statues scattered throughout the luscious trees & vegetation, I could not be more excited to try this out. A frequent host of the Carnivolution series, the Tiberino Museum should provide the perfect outlet for all of our summer angst. Furthermore, anyone who “Likes” either Dissociative Identity Productions, Bass Face Productions, or Sick of the Radio on Facebook will instantly receive $2 off their admission. With dollar beers and a full 7 hours of dj’ing for $6, it’s simply economics to deduce where you’ll be on Saturday, June 23. Anyways thank ya so much for everyone who came out our recent June New Angle Night, be sure to catch a glimpse of the acts in a week at the Dubstep Confederacy, and I look forward to seeing ya for Reality Check. It’s been a crazy couple of months and it looks as though it’s only going to get crazier.

- Cliff

Dissociative Identity Productions
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