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DirtyDave – Let’s Keep Things Nice & Filthy Clean

 DirtyDave   Lets Keep Things Nice & Filthy Clean

Last time Dissociative Identity checked up on DirtyDave was nearly 6 months ago. At that point, Dissociative Identity had not considered incorporating Dubstep/Trance style music into it’s curriculum: I guess I’m just a sucker for math rock, lofi, and post rock. Yet it was after that radio, on air set with DirtyDave that the idea of expanding D.I. seemed obvious. That’s the story of D.I. but hardly of DirtyDave. Expanding from house parties into the night life societies of venues such as Starlight Ballroom and the Blockley. DirtyDave has quickly adjusted his style from more heavily house influenced styles to vibrant Dubstep, Electronica. I believe this transition has done a great service for DirtyDave’s style and no set quite exemplifies this coming of force then “Let’s Keep Things Nice & Filthy Clean“. With well over 50 minutes of startlingly drops and metaphysical percussion lines, it should keep any fan well invested. So really, what is there left to say? If ya didn’t know up to this point, it’s about time to wake up to filthy times with DirtyDave and his Bass Face Productions. Take a listen and get some culture. Sleeping is for the dead. Stay awake and as always, stay tuned: insomnia appears to afflict the best of all of us. Like Superman, never fear, DirtyDave is here.


- Cliff

Dissociative Identity Productions

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