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Cousin Brian – 7″

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I like moshing. I know i probably annoy the hell out of people around me when and if I start yet it feels like the best form of expression to the pure amount of energy surrounding you. You shake, you bounce, you ram into other bodies in a blur of sense and senselessness. Cousin Brian provided the perfect soundtrack to such an experience. Released 2 months ago (took me awhile, admittedly), their 7″ proves it’s worth with a 10 min blitz of lofi, garage rock along the lines of The Mantles meets Coachwhips. Furthermore, their live shows never disappoint. With the lead singer shirtless and jumping into unsuspecting attendees, Cousin Brian brings an intense throbbing sensation to ones ears, body, and legs. Playing in South Philly with Ted Ndguyent and others, Cousin Brian provided the catalyst for some early evening moshing. As you can probably predict, I was happy. Yet it is far more than just mindless rock with a dose of violence. Rather, it adds a flair of such soulful, bluesy rock such as The Almighty Defenders. The perfect example, and my favorite off the 7″, is “Displaced“. As one of the longest songs of the release at 2 and a hair, “Displaced” gives a far more laid back feel while still providing the sheer ecstatic rhythm to keep the song together. Frankly, I have no idea when they are playing next or even if they have another release in the works. Yet keep your ears to the ground: currently working to get them on WKDU and hopefully future shows. Thanks for the good times, Cousin Brian, and be sure to check out the 7″ for an enlightening haze of energy, rage, and laze.

Cousin Brian Bandcamp

- Cliff

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