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2011 HOLY PAGE Compilation

holy other comp 2011 HOLY PAGE Compilation

HolyPageRecords – Earth Shattering Crush

HolyPageRecords – Ash Grave Mo

Christian from Holy Page says:

“This compilation represents a journey, a tireless effort in free media. The compilation contains works from over 25 artists from countries all around the globe. Experience everything from noise rock to dance jams to mellowed out ambience. This comp will act as an active fundraiser for Holy Page and will be available on physical cassette on Friday, July 1, 2011. You can pre-order it now here! Thank you to those of you who submitted tracks, I am very grateful and hope you enjoy this creation. Turn the lights out in your room and listen to this jam all the way through and you won’t regret it.”

Download the 2011 Holy Page Compilation via bandcamp HERE.

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