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The Honorable Worm’s “You Know How to Do This”

honorable worm The Honorable Worm’s You Know How to Do This

The Honorable Worm – Father Thyme

The Honorable Worm – Prayer to the Sun

You Know How to Do This is the second installment in The Honorable Worm’s trilogy of free 10th anniversary reissues coming out this year, and boy is this one a gem! All that stands between you and this 65-minute explosion of mind-bending and incredibly catchy psychedelia is a quick click of the mouse on the words “free download.” Had this album come out amid today’s blog-o-centric music scene, it surely would have spread like so much virtual wildfire. But alas, 2001 was a simpler time—a time, perhaps, not yet ready for such multicolored melodies and mystical mutterings as those which Chad Marine (sole member of The Honorable Worm) has packed into every nook and cranny of this remarkable work. Fortunately, and with your help, the time for “You Know How to Do This” has finally arrived! So please…download, share, sing along… and, most of all, enjoy!

You Know How to Do This (10th Anniversary) stream/download

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