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Martin Newell-Songs For A Fallow Land

Martin Newell: "Gamma Ray Blue"

Martin Newell is an under-sung O.G. of the tape music tsunami, most noted for being amongst the original pioneers of the cassette sound back in the 80s. Hailing from the UK, Newell made jangly guitar-pop as part of Cleaners From Venus, one of the acts credited with being among the first wave of tape artists in post-punk England. He also put out a ton of solo work, released almost entirely on cassettes, as well as multiple books of poetry and prose. ‘Gamma Ray Blue’ is a great pop track that should be required reading for fans of Ariel Pink and the like. Dig through his back-catalog for some tasty gems.

Martin Newell’s album Songs For A Fallow Land is available via Fixed Identity.

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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