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Olin s/t Ep released on Easy Tapes

OLIN COVER3 Olin s/t Ep released on Easy Tapes

Easy Tapes – Olin-Cymbals

Easy Tapes – Olin-Endorsment

Sickoftheradio’s brand new label Easy Tapes has announced their debut release featuring San Francisco synth-magician Olin, in a collective effort to push status-quo analog jamz way past their comfort zone. With plenty of freakpop ambience, dark synth, and light hooks to flush out his trippy tracks, their most notable qualities still lie in their own deconstruction.In fact, Olin’s orchestra of warped instrumentation and scattered non-beats is like listening to an entire genre melt into itself, recorded on a sun-thrashed VHS.

If I were a more of a jerk, I’d say he might be commenting on the shelf-life of contemporary tape music. Since I’m totally not though, I’ll say that I’m genuinely excited about this release, and will be keeping my ears to the ground for more Easy Tapes projects.

Download Olin’s self titled EP Via the Easy Tapes bandcamp HERE.


1. Campaign

2. Endorsement

3. Cymbals

4. Understanding

moz screenshot 11 Olin s/t Ep released on Easy Tapes

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