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Mixtape from Tortoise’s John McEntire

Mix: John McEntire

Download this mix from Tortoise drummer John McEntire, who also just played in Chicago at the Neon Marshmallow Fest.

via AZ.


01 Cornelius: “Wataridori”
02 Michael Rother: “Karussell”
03 Kraftwerk: “Tanzmusik”
04 The Coup: “Five Million Ways To Kill A CEO”
05 Metro Area: “Miura”
06 Boz Scaggs: “Low Down”
07 The Millenium: “Prelude”
08 Olodum: “Cara Preta”
09 Horoumi Hosono: “Hum Ghar Sajan”
10 Budos Band: “Chicago Falcon”
11 The Five Stairsteps: “Don’t Change Your Love”
12 A Certain Ratio: “Do The Du”
13 23 Skidoo: “Vegas el Bandito”
14 Miles Davis: “Mayisha”
15 This Heat: “Rimp Romp Ramp”
16 Esplendor Geometrico: “Trans Umma”
17 Jean Michel Jarre: “Equinoxe Part 5″
18 Cluster: “Caramel”
19 Pink Floyd: “Astronomy Domine”
20 Manuel Gottsching: E2-E4 (Excerpt)

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