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NarK – “Realize” & “Who’s to Blame” Acoustic Exclusives

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image
Who’s to Blame

Climbing up couches and half broken chairs, I staple odd bits of old blankets and sheets over the windows in a desperate attempt to battle the light. I was not entirely sure what I was going to do: I only knew that it involved complete darkness. Sprinting around an obscure living room inĀ  Philadelphia, Sick of the Radio & Dissociative Identity hosted NarK to an acoustic exclusive of some tracks off their summer release. An incredible opportunity, NarK truly shined in their capability to entirely reinvent their songs to an acoustic infrastructure. There are the clear changes that need to be made when doing an acoustic cover, perhaps considering such things as timing and harmonies. Yet what made this unique was that the songs took on a whole new form with their acoustic sides and with it, an experimentation in the project that is NarK. Take “Realize“, with its twangy guitars and incredible melodies, the song truly does evolve right in front of your eyes. Plus, it’s just a little bit impressive to think that they were able to do all this in a pitch black room with a very bright projector blinding them constantly… Anyways if any of this seems remotely interesting, it would do you some good to check out these videos yet more importantly, check out their bandcamp and listen through some of their new recordings. So ladies and gentlemen, meet NarK, cool folks, great shows, and friendly, alternative goodness.



- Cliff

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