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Gracie – For Dylan, From Africa

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For Dylan, From Africa by Gracie

Sipping on my fourth cup of coffee and smoking my last cigarette, I strangely dream of the 50′s. Not the McCarthyism or the red scares: I imagine the baby boomers, the optimism, the All American High School football games and small town USA’s. It’s this sleepwalking element that I believe Gracie is able to perfectly capture, particularly with For Dyaln, From Africa.

A dreamwave, classic pop sound the likes of Sung Tongs Animal Collective meets Microcastle Deerhunter, Gracie’s release is both appropriate in its timing and context. Timing seems rather obvious: its spring time and I for one could not be happier. For Dylan, From Africa has this beach haze aspect to it that will make you just want to lay out in the sun and laze. Yet its contexts seems rather suspiciously comfortable. Christmas and the New Years came and went, with good wishes and attentions whisking away as well. We stand mid way through a year which seems to inadvertently move regardless of our action or inaction. I ramble… the point to take away is that Gracie’s For Dylan, From Africa reminds me of a sort of optimistic release of control. We do not know where we are going or how long it will take, but we sure as hell are enjoying the ride. So step one is clicking the little link above. Step #2: listen. Step #3: Catch them live at your local, West Philly show. That wasn’t too complicated? So here’s to simpler times: may the uncontrollable always be this charming.


- Cliff

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