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1994! tour w/ Snowing & Algernon

website 1994! tour w/ Snowing & Algernon
1994! / Algernon Cadwallader / Snowing / Boys and Sex by slowgrowthrecords

Philly invades BaltimorePart 2, was absolutely amazing. With an afternoon of live, garage, hardcore, emo rock, indie, and all around greatness, Philly invades Batlimore proved to show the true brilliance of many of these bands. This, obviously, includes 1994!, Snowing, and Algernon Cadwallader. So, clearly, it seemed appropriate to announce their upcoming, cross country tour and could I just say, it couldn’t be sooner. Spring is coming in bloom and summer is only on the way. 1994!, Snowing, and Algernon can rock venues across the country, including the west coast, for a solid 2 months before the real world has to set in. And after that, who even necessarily says that reality has to set in? Despite to say that I could not be more excited for these bands to finally take the reins and pursue their own manifest destiny. It’s our gift to you and your welcome, California. Its not an event to take lightly. So pursue your right as a citizen of this, our plutocracy, to spend your dollars, and time, towards an evening of true music wonder: 1994!, Snowing, and Algernon, all country, all summer long. Record heat highs should make it all the more entertaining I guess, and live shows have never been quite so reckless. Furthermore, to get ya pumped, Slow Growth Records has even released a great lead up EP for the tour entitled Summer Singles. So tune in to Summer Singles, head out onto the road, and enjoy the remarkable attention-grabbing likes of 1994!, Snowing, and Algernon. It’s almost like Santa got bored with Winter.

“Summer Singles” – Slow Growth Records – 1994!/Snowing/Algernon Cadwallader

- Cliff

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