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Lowlands-BEKO Digital Single

lowlands music Lowlands BEKO Digital Single

New Zealand’s Lowlands single for the song “The World Pages” is an encouraging reminder that there are some bands out there that really know how to evolve their sound over a short period of time. The three song single contains within it, a world of jangling mania, a hushed smokey garden, and lazy pop.

“The World Pages” is a quick, heavily syncopated track that breaks down into an almost Phil Elvrum-like distorted mess. But it quickly regains its sonic footing and creates an intense musical space that just begs you to listen to it really carefully to hear all the things that are happening within the song.

The second track probably has the most aptly titled song name the band could have thought of. “It Rained All Night” is almost like a study on what everyone would want to hear when its crummy outside. But the best (in my opinion and if you love lazy, distorted and earnest pop song) track of all is the third: “Church Bells.” There is just something about an eerie sounding song with a really simple, repeating melody played on an over-reverbed guitar that is so intoxicating.

The entire single is an incredible journey through three “kinds” of songs that I really really enjoy listening to. It’s also confirmation that BEKO Records really knows how to pick ‘em.

Download Lowlands digital single via beko.

Article by Nick Nicoludis

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