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Little Dragon “Nightlight”

little dragon Little Dragon Nightlight

Little Dragon is the outcome of musicians Yukimi, Frederick, Erik, and Hakan. Yukimi, Frederick and Erik all went to high school together in Gothenburg, Sweden, and soon formed a band called “Ava.” After high school, the three all tried to survive as musicians, which is how they came across new-to-the-area Hakan. The four eventually moved in together, after both Yukimi and Hakan had several failed attempts at music schools.

Originally influenced by American R&B, they created a number of songs in a slow, sluggish tempo, but soon decided to start fresh.  With no set genre or plan, they just started to create the music that came to them, usually by just testing out their own beats and melodies.  With no deadlines, money or pressure, they created a bunch of songs not long before their close friend Christoffer Berg decided to release some of them on his and Daniel Nords label Off The Wall.  Yukimi was nicknamed Little Dragon for her pure creative frustration in the studio, and the name just stuck when it came time to choose a band name. The first album, Little Dragon, was released in 2007 and was followed by a second album, Machine Dreams, full of more up-tempo dance songs in 2009.  No two songs sound the same, and each has its own unique flair, filled with simple lyrics and pure beats.  The third album is currently on its way, and the band remains as close as family.

Article by Diana Curcuruto

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