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ART: Ludovica Gioscia

ludovica gioscia art ART: Ludovica Gioscia

Born in 1977 in Rome, Ludovica Gioscia is an artist working in London. Her (de)collages range from magazine cut-and-paste to hollow tables full of Paninaro paraphernalia to whole-wall installations comprising mirror shards or wallpaper strips. In her pieces, Gioscia mixes colours, patterns, media, and time periods freely and fearlessly.

“Mikado”, for instance, features striped poles topped with mounds of paper, fabric, jewelry, and girly-coloured hair extensions, taking the concept of a collage to new heights – even if the poles are only a few metres high.
In her “Soft Power” (2010) collection, Gioscia pastes collages of beauty products onto the glamour shots of fashion models and possibly a few actresses. The resulting alien-insect faces seem to grin mockingly at women who feel the need to plaster their faces with makeup, at companies which fill and fuel the need, at mainstream media for its skewed perception of beauty, at those who follow fashion trends that will make them look just as strange, even grotesque, to a future audience… at all of us, basically (including Gioscia herself, with her mix-and-match wardrobe). These colourful, confrontational pieces are definitely not your grandmother’s floral collages.
Gioscia has four shows scheduled in 2011: Apocalypstick (London), the rummage sale at Floor of the Forest (London), The Shape of Things (Israel), and Two Peacocks (Newcastle, UK).

ludovica gioscia ART: Ludovica Gioscia

Article by Monica Wang

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