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Jayson McPherson-Bashment

20090801 174 Jayson McPherson Bashment

Got a recent submission from photographer Jayson McPherson regarding his photo series entitled Bashment that documents the underground reggae dancehall scene.

Artist statement:

“The word Bashment is a term used in the dancehall community which means good party. Daggering is an artistic form of dance originating from the Caribbean which incorporates wrestling and other forms of frantic movement. Most of this footage was shot in dark underground and sometimes illegal clubs also known as a whole in the wall. In most people’s eyes Daggering is just a crazy type of dancing but for its participants it’s a freedom of expression and empowerment. There is an element of danger involved due to the need to out due ones self.

Bashment is a series which was created out of a fascination with reggae dancehall and its dance craze called daggering. The series of images took three years to compile and was purposely damaged to establish a tone which is represented it in its rawest form. This series highlights the dance esthetics of Daggering in the dancehall.”

zzz Jayson McPherson Bashment

dynasty 140 Jayson McPherson Bashment
Picture 205 Jayson McPherson Bashment

20090913 220 Jayson McPherson Bashment

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