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Slutever – Pretend to be Nice

dqgq5u Slutever   Pretend to be Nice

“Philly Brat Punks. Like Clueless meets Beavis and Butthead with a side helping of girl anarchy.” Surprisingly, if you take a listen, you’ll realize how strangely true their biography is. A lo fi power punk with clear influences of garage goodness shine through with Slutever. I feel torn to try and compare them to more well known acts like Vivian Girls and Best Coast, but the fit just doesn’t work. Rather imagine Screaming Females meets Rosebuds: it’s not so much angsty but sarcastic, it’s dark at points yet will keep a massive, sh*t eating grin on your face by the end. Philadelphia locals with a clear ear to contemporaries including Manhattan Love Suicide, they continue a long trend of lo-fi grit including the infamous lo-fi mic effects. Yet, as I mentioned before, they fit a little awkwardly with other lo-fi dreamwave garage acts because of their particular darkness: strangely, it reminds me of Ravonettes. And yes, I know how cliched I sound here, like a third grader trying to describe sex. Take “So Prone“, with its thunderous bass drum entrance followed by layers of reverberating guitars and echoing sighs. It has its haunting elements yet it feels more like an anthem then a curse. They even are able to throw in a nice, Crystal Castles esque scream by the end. I would eventually like to see some more focus in their work: after all, it feels like their material creeps the line of all the acts I’ve mentioned above and, to be honest, I don’t believe thats necessarily a good thing. Slutever shows a whole hell of a lot of potential and furthermore, their variety of influences may prove to make them one of the most adaptive bands out there. So check out the soundcloud, blog, facebook, and all that jazz and I’ll see ya at the next show. It should be an interesting one.


- Cliff

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