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Sick of the Radio & Dissociative Identity’s Drexel Sierra Earth Week Finale

IMG 3473 41 Sick of the Radio & Dissociative Identitys Drexel Sierra Earth Week Finale

Jack Deezl

MF Parm & EuniQ DJ



Night Kids

Wow, what the hell happened? When I was casually stapling plastic sheets to walls, perform sound checks, and set up projectors, I never expected what would come through those doors. Preparing for Sick of the Radio’s and Dissociative Identity’s Drexel Sierra Earth Week Finale was one issue, yet when the doors opened, it became something entirely different. With around 200 kids partying their faces off (which, unfortunately, got very literal at times…) , the Drexel Sierra Earth Week Finale was a massive success with all the profits going towards the environmental campaigns of the Sierra Club. Who knew that charity was that crazy? With live performances from Philly locals including Jack Deezl, Ben Pramuck, MF Parm/EuniQ DJ, DirtyDave, Nomster, and Night Kids, wild childs alike collected for an all out blitz of dubstep/trance/hip hop phenomena, with an amazing warehouse to match. Light shows, projections, and strobes filled the room as kids pounded the floor with drunken euphoria and adrenaline repression. I feel as though I’m repeating myself over and over again, like explaining some sort of hallucination. And in the end, it feels perhaps like that, one massive hallucination. 200 people, 8 hours, 6 acts, and 1 warehouse made the equation of some sort LSD trip of a night, with friends, strangers, and fans alike somehow sporadically getting along. I could make cheesy illusions to Marx and Engel but frankly, we would all know that its a hyperbolic comment equivalent to suggesting that Global Warming is just “how the world goes”. So rather than making a fool of myself, let’s keep it simple: mid June appears to be our next warehouse rave. Save the date, stay tuned, and enjoy charity like you never thought you could. Idealism meeting realism has never looked this attractive. Check out all the act and I’ll see ya in June folks.






- Cliff

(dissociative identity)


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