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The Jack Deezl Syndrome

artworks 000004783786 acqrp4 crop The Jack Deezl Syndrome

DJ’s come and go: at times, it may as well be comparing generations of iPhone’s: they tell us it’s revolutionary yet all and all, it feels like the same, exact thing but with a higher price tag. So in the age of tablet computers and garage band, it is not surprising that you encounter literally millions of students, selling their tracks at local coffee stores and gas stations. Through all of this, there is always a diamond in the rough. A favorite story of mine was how I was in high school, got a used cd for less than a dollar because the radio station “didn’t want it”, and it turned out to be Screaming FemalesBaby Teeth“, a truly brilliant album. The point is that cynicism creates disillusionment, which in turn creates a blind eye to truly descent material. Without further ado, let me introduce Jack Deezl. College undergrad with an inclining towards trance, Jack Deezl has been roaming underground house parties, night clubs, and even the occasional Frat party. Not the one to shy away from an opportunity to spin, I was fortunate enough to encounter his material through a Facebook message. This turned into something far more fruitful. Mixing live for Dissociative Identity’s Saturday radio program on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm, 12-2 pm on April 23rd, Jack Deezl proved his place amongst Philly peers including Night Kids and DirtyDave. What is left to say? Go out, enjoy some beautiful dj’ing by the one and only Jack Deezl. Believe me, it’s not hard to find. So to all that knows this gem in the rough, congrats. For those who have no idea wtf I’m talking about, well come out to one of his gigs and get a clue.


- Cliff

(dissociative identity)


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