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LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Human Ear Compilation out 5/17

humanear LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Human Ear Compilation out 5/17

Dedicated to both the preservation and expansion of catchy electro-infused pop, Human Ear is bustin’ out of the SF/LA corridor with an awesome little compilation of shiny giddy tracks guaranteed to sink their summery hooks right into your heart.

As far as aesthetic goes, this label leans toward showcasing sounds that could be classified as homemade, and many of them have that tender ‘look-what-i-made’ kind of intimacy to them — hushed voices and feedback waves layered right over samplers somehow manage to keep the momentum of stylized pop. All I know is, the sunlight is filtering in through the window, and May is hell-bent on promising beautiful things for everyone. The new comp — featuring Nite Jewelia, Maria Minerva, Heart Shaped Rock, and lots of others — will be available on May 17th and is ready to pre-order over at human-ear.com. In the meantime, download ‘The Best I Can‘ by Heart Shaped Rock below, which coincidentally tastes kinda like Pop Rocks and rainbow-flavored Coke. Drink up.”

Get the brand new Human Ear compilation “Here Is Tonight: Homemade PopHERE.

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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