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We love: Bohemian

zzzzzzzzzzzzfff We love: Bohemian

Amazing floral robe!

Though it’s not a new concept – well really, if you come to think about, everything in fashion is just a reinterpretation of previous eras and designs – Bohemian anything has really earned its rep as one of those genres that never wither (and by “never wither,” I mean that repeats of insane 80s shoulder pads to the point where they make you look like a football player will most likely seize from nudging its way into every day conventionalism).

Anyways, with summer just around the corner, it would be sad to pass up the opportunity of, for the girls, prancing around in flowery, 70s inspired pieces mixed with oh-so-comfortable denim, and for the boys, a good hat and a not-so-tacky version of the typical Hawaiian tourist shirt (sorry boys, I can’t believe I couldn’t find one decent photo for you to follow up on). On another note, the infamous-for-a-million-hipsters-in-attendance festival, Coachella also becomes a great source of inspiration for fashion. Here are some of my favorite photos which I’ve gathered up throughout the past week or so:

tumblr lh2etlMu331qf5v6jo1 500 We love: Bohemian

Mischa Barton donning a flower headpiece and printed sleeveless blouse.

fggg We love: Bohemian

Neutral color palette, but amazing flowy materials mixed with crochet.

bohemian love 31 241x300 We love: Bohemian bohemian love 51 200x300 We love: Bohemian

One of the Olsens (all these years and I still can’t tell them apart) and the Lopez sisters, both being some of my favorite bloggers to check up on.

Source: Tumblr and Olivia Lopez’ blog (last photo of her and her sister), one of my personal favorite style inspirations at http://www.fashionsalade.com/lusttforlife

By: Karissa Macapagal

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