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Karin Bubas and the ( Everyday) Haunting

KARIN BUBAS 39 Karin Bubas and the ( Everyday) Haunting

Canadian photography Karin Bubaš may be haunted. Maybe not the typical kind of haunting where a ghost is literally around you at all times, but she does seem to feel some kind of tension and guilt inherent in a haunting. That or she is the reincarnation of Emily Bronte.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ Karin Bubas and the ( Everyday) Haunting

Bubas’ photographs are beautifully placed, the subject always in a tense relationship with the surrounding area, but, as described in her biography, the “use of light, colour and texture remain consistent.” This is particularly evident in her series “Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe.” The subject is always at a distant from us. The female form is clearly studied here with particular attention, as it says in the series title, to wardrobe; dressing the female body in the style of the 50s and 60s. Her back is almost always to us, or she is in profile, as we see her body consumed by what surrounds her. It’s a fascinating study of the factors influencing women.

KARIN BUBAS3 Karin Bubas and the ( Everyday) Haunting

ZZD Karin Bubas and the ( Everyday) Haunting

Every series or individual photograph is a study of people: the construction of people, where people go, the influences of people and where they have been. The latter is particularly evident in Bubas’ series “Leon Palace”, which is the study of people in crack house. The most striking pictures do not have any actual person in it but the photo is troubled by the spiritual presence of people. Clothes, drugs, food, everything is scattered and it’s everywhere. Human vice has exploded all over this place. And we’re haunted by it.

KARIN BUBAS 32 Karin Bubas and the ( Everyday) Haunting

By: Sarah MacDonald

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