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ZZZ copy1 Ruins/East

Ruins/East-PHIL [nick's dad]

“The grass tumbles like unconsciousness,” the lead singer of Ruins/East murmurs in the crew’s latest single “Orb”, proving a good reference point for the Nottingham crew that’s as illusive as a wisp in the breeze.

“Orb” reveals another layer of the enigma initially fomented by their first single “Phil [nick’s dad], swaying with mellow gusts of guitar and synth, and cooled down by reaching vocals for a downtempo stroll. “Phil [nick’s dad]” bangs with a trudging drum track seemingly borrowed from Hype William’s arsenal, mesmerizing listeners with a ghostly, opaque melody that mulls along the line. Both tracks are available at the group’s myspace.

Article by: Julian Schoen (Janzer)

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