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Ponytail “Honey Touches”

Ponytails “Honey Touches” sounds just like it’s name suggests, a sugary sweet, poppy explosion of refreshment on a sweltering hot summer day, like a blast from a cold stream of water from a fire hydrant in 100 degree weather. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to it. The sounds of the clean guitars combined with the drum rhythms take you out on a trip through a plethera of styles, at times sounding a bit like Paul Simon’s solo work, all the way through to some borderline sunshine surf rock. Overall what we have here is an entire summer’s worth of good times squeezed into four minutes and five seconds. “Honey Touches” comes from the Baltimore based group’s third full length album, “Do Whatever You Want All The Time”, released April 12th of this year.

Article by: Bobby Edge

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