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babes jets music Babes Jets

Jets is one of five albums produced by Babes. Unlike most bands who appear to pull songs out of a hat to decide tan album’s song order Babes choose to tell a story. Their narrative is fresh and inviting and allows the listener to take a musical journey through their five songs.

The first two songs “Jets” and “Jjets” are mirrors of each other and show that this band has the creative freedom to reinterpret their own song into something familiar yet new. “Whitney” is ominous and foreboding much like the rising action in a story. “Kitty” is surprising compared to the other songs because of its lyrics “Will you be my girlfriend?” and playful composition. “Up” finishes the album with whispered lyrics sung with an experimental vibe and its muddled ending reminds the listener of a journey that has come to an abrupt stop signaling that the Babes are not finished yet.

Article by: Danielle Small

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