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Jaws of Darkness

jaws of darkness Jaws of Darkness

Gothic doom from the tomb with cryptic beats master Jaws of Darkness repping London and spinning ominous webs of apprehension and anxiety on their two singles, “Slow Gram” and “Triforks” available at the group’s Soundcloud“Slow Gram” thrums along with the bittersweet ambivalence of capturing a horror movie villain after they’ve done most of their damage, an uplifting vibe shrouded with shadows and pangs.  The synth track for “Triforks” reverberates like a haunted house’s doorbell, with a tizzy drum sequence that goes bump in the night.  Keep your ears open and nightlights on for more to come from Jaws of Darkness.

Article by: Julian Schoen (Janzer)

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