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ART: Adam Wheatley’s paper drawings + more

Adam Wheatley illustration art

Wheatley’s illustrations bring the 1950s ideal of the American dream face to face with deadly weapons, commenting on the effects of consumerism as a major player in the American dream. The illustration below also harkens to a familiar scene of today, imagine an SUV in place of the tank– a image just as deadly.

Additionally, Wheatley’s biography is hella intriguing and honest. Here is a taste:

Adam Wheatley illustration art

Adam Wheatley illustration art
Adam Wheatley, an illustrator living and working in Sydney, has created an evocative series of works on paper. These illustrations merge images of the American dream with instruments of violence. For example, my favorite drawing (below) is an intricately drawn 60 calibar machine gun with an ammo belt composed of lollipops!
lollypopgun ART: Adam Wheatleys paper drawings + more

“He enrolled in Perth’s Northbridge School of Art and Design. But it wasn’t easy to shrug off his Newmanesque appetite for wild behaviour. He never missed classes, but as he frequently turned up drunk or stoned, he didn’t learn much. He left after just one year.”

Wheatley’s eye for composition and attention to detail is apparent. His illustrations also appear on surfboards, guitars, hubcaps and other car parts.
Written By,
Mary Smith

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