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Jonas Reinhardt-Music for the Tactile Dome (NNF)

jonas reinhardt Jonas Reinhardt Music for the Tactile Dome (NNF)

San Francisco-based analog astronaut Jonas Reinhardt is somewhat of a standout amidst the pile-up of experimental electro-synth albums the last few years have seen. The dude’s got a clear talent for crafting fully-realized and super-polished tracks that can span genres and moods while still managing, bless his heart, to keep it all positive.

‘Atomic Bomb Living’ is an instant investment in your summertime ability to chill out, featuring wipeout drums, spongy freak-guitar, and that 70′s-era vibe of relaxed insanity that builds to synth screams and then brings you all the way back down. He’s got two albums out on Kranky Records, curators of fine experimental sounds, and his new full-length Music for the Tactile Dome is coming out soon from Not Not Fun. Keep an eye on this one.

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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