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Aino-Maija Metsola’s art

aino maija metsola napakettu11 Aino Maija Metsolas art
Aino-Maija Metsola clearly has a way with colour. This Finnish illustrator and designer is not yet 30 but has already produced an impressive collection of illustrations for ads, apparel, magazine covers, and even stamps, all in bright colours with a vintage feel.  Some of her works are vibrantly coloured “collages” that recall vintage fabrics and old movie posters (back when they were more than photos of the cast), such as her illustrations for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper and Esplanadi Park. Others look like woodcut prints in darker but vivid hues.

The rest are cheerful watercolours, like her floral prints for Marimekko, a textile company. In most pieces, Metsola, who says she “likes to get out into the forest whenever possible”, uses round, simple shapes and abundant colour to create a childlike world of plump woodland animals, plump happy people, and plump flowers and trees.
Those who want to be plump, happy people should know that Metsola co-created a design for the Karl Fazer Nordic Gourmet brand of chocolates in 2009. The design is, of course, a plump (and presumably happy) little bird. To get the sugar high without the crash, visit Metsola’s website or flip through the children’s novel she illustrated, Minä ja Muro. The colours alone will put a smile on your face.

aino maija metsola joulusatu  art Aino Maija Metsolas art

aino maija metsola art Aino Maija Metsolas art

Article by: Monica Wang

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