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PHOTO: Corpus Trip Exhibition

corpustrip1 PHOTO: Corpus Trip Exhibition

CORPUSTRIP is a temporary and traveling exhibition, a one night event that will run more than 10000 km over the next two months, reaching almost 20 European cities, each of which will host a different happening-presentation of the CORPUS: the photographic series of 64 portraits in b/w taken by Luca Donnini between Rome, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Istanbul from 2007 to 2010.

On April 20, 2011, the CORPUSTRIP crew – comprised of Luca Donnini, Adi Chiru, Alessio Maximilian Schroder, Lola Kola and Simona Santelli– started on a visual journey around Europe, with the intent to showcase the CORPUS Photo Project in an unusual way and – as happened in Rome and Belgrade in 2010 – through a peaceful invasion of public and private spaces.

The photographic series by Luca Donnini, printed in large format and transported from city to city, will be the means to build from time to time different and unexpected mise en scène: unique and unplanned events, re-created each time around a different installation hosted by an unusual space, occupied or abandoned, unfinished or waiting for inspiration, flexible as temporary turned into a place of experience.
CORPUSTRIP steps and happenings are followed and documented in real time via the blog of the creative collective ELSEWHERE factory and by the FANGO crew, which for two months will collect images, videos and stories of this unique journey that is about to become a movie, whose production is expected by the end of 2011.

CORPUSTRIP is realized with Produzioni dal Basso: a method of fundraising through a private popular subscription, that allows the total organizational independence and absolute freedom of content and aesthetics of the project.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE : www.corpustrip.com

BLOG | THE STAGES : www.elsewherefactory.com

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