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INTERVIEW: Joy and Revolution

joy and revolution INTERVIEW: Joy and Revolution

Interview with Joy and Revolution:

(sotr) Tell us about your newest release ‘forgotten youth’-

Sierra: Our album cover reflects our music showing two worlds colliding into one with feelings of nostalgia and eagerness to experience something new. My delayed vocals and playful lyrics take a glimpse into an intimate moment in a relationship brought on by a sudden image, or remembrance of something from our youth.


I try to create daydream type melodies with minimal swells of synthesizer and slow euphoric beats. Overall, it’s an ultra lo-fi, dreamy mantra for young love. Our style is really our own and I find it hard to put us in a genre. Many say we are dream synthpop and I’m fine with that. Just glad people listen and dig us.

(sotr) Who are some of your main influences-


Soundwise we love alot of 80′s synthwave and 90′s dreamgaze.


We listen to and record music as often as we can. old and new. It is my outlet, my escape, kinda an unopened present, ready for me to discover.

some old faves:


nico, edith piaf, the flying lizards, spacemen 3, madonna.


spectrum (Pete Kember) silicon teens, silver apples, lional richie, and Suicide’s Martin Rev of course.

(sotr) Do you guys plan on touring to promote the new record-


Yes hopefully in the near future. We are working on videos now. We have alot of new material almost finished and ready to release in the coming months.


We want to release as many new tracks as often as we can, making our music more about art and media rather than preforming in a live setting.

(sotr) What is your typical process when it comes to writing songs-


Our songs come about differently all the time but typically I lay the drum beat first and play around with synth sounds.

Yeah, and as he does that, I come up with lyrics and it all goes from there.


We inspire to make our songs with as much delayed reverb and cassette warp feedback as we can. we use old drum machines, old casio/yamaha synths,

microKORG and tons of effects to acheive this vibe.


Being a boyfriend/girlfriend duo, we are always trying to create a feeling, a moment, a still if you will of situations within a couples life. Our songs, sometimes open ended, sometimes straightforward, can always be connected back to someone’s relationship.

*Look for a new 8 song coming very soon.

Follow our blog for updates on new upcomings:



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