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Dan Tague

dan tague art 32 890x890 Dan Tague

Dan Tauge is an American artist, curator and political activist born, raised and educated in New Orleans. Graduating with an MFA in 2000 his work has been shown across America and internationally. He works with mixed medias but is most well known for his works using the American dollar bill.

The series, Live Free or Die blurs the line between photography and sculpture refusing to allow itself to be defined as either. The notes are manipulated, folded, scrunched and torn in such a way as to bring Tauge’s pacifist and anti-capitalist message to life using the very words on the notes themselves. He expands upon this theme in another series called Cost of War/Price of Freedom in which he superimposes bold stencils of the machines and means of war over macro images of the American dollar. Tauge’s work is confrontational and honesty and asks the viewer not just to look, but also to think.

Article by Alex Cornish

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