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Coinonia Fall 2011 Collection

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Unstructured structure. That’s as best I can do at forming a conclusion to the Coinonia Fall 2011 Collection. Oh yeah, there is another, probably more relevant word to describe it, and that is the word, “awesome.” Toss out your current perceptions on Spring fashion and let your mind wander to the season of Fall, where dark colors, heavy jackets, and the much needed alleviation prevails through sheer fabrics and color pops, in the collection’s case, specifically speaking. The addition of chains is also another fantastic addition to the garments. So maybe being decked out like this is a bit impractical, but take the notion that leather, sheer, and simplicity never die. Throw on your fave footwear, some denim, and your own accesories and you’re good to go.

c3 200x300 Coinonia Fall 2011 Collectionc2 200x300 Coinonia Fall 2011 Collection

Source: www.fashiongonerogue.com

By: Karissa Macapagal

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