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Christine Jones

Charlie Christine Jones

Scottish artist and designer Christine Jones paints and draws in a very delicate manner. Her intriguingly pale and subtle pencil drawings are a new take on the over-looked medium.

In the “Go on with your story” series, figures and half figures are drawn with shadows, which don’t match their body, either in sex or in stance and highlighted with hatching or a dash of pale pastel color. Jones’ other drawings include faces and bodies with something missing. Some figures stop at the waist with the arms sprawled out, some figures have white space where their clothing would be, or only on the faces only one side has features. The resulting shapes are confusing,
beautiful and organic. She captures embraces; kisses and hands broken up with negative space so you are left to imagine the remaining pieces of the puzzle. She also draws faces and figures onto the centre of a doily or on a luggage tag adding another element of object use to the piece.
smiling+cosy Christine Jones

Most recently Jones has been working on a reinvestigation through drawing of Gerda Taro’s photojournalism from the first year of the Spanish Civil War. Taro was one of the first female photojournalists to go on to the front lines and the first to die there aged just 26. Jones is currently in Spain meeting with historians and representatives of various memory organizations and visiting the various sites where Taro took some of her most poignant images. She hopes that by connecting with the past and touching on “the scars still visible and invisible” she will make new work “with respect and sensitivity, as an act of remembrance”.
Flamingo w Christine JonesBy Heather Welsh

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