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Vanesa Zendejas

Vanesa Zendejas art Vanesa Zendejas

The Chicago artist Vanesa Zendejas combines works with paper with materials of other objects to show how modern designs, textures and shapes with more classical forms and creations in a conceptual art form. Her works on paper such as Architectural Oddities, Mound Faker & Plain Flags use various colors and textures that are brought together in a jigsaw fashion to show how objects which a person would think had little in common can be brought together harmoniously.

Vanesa Zendejas art 3 Vanesa Zendejas

Her three-dimensional object art including both of the Untitled Objects bring together different shapes, figures, designs and materials and combine them together to create shapes that are odd yet familiar to us as we’ve seen them in various elements of our modern culture before.

Vanesa Zendejas art 32 Vanesa Zendejas

Article by Ben Steinmeier

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