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Three Studio/Gallery

three studio gallery japan art Three Studio/Gallery

Three Studio/Gallery

“Three” are a Japanese artist collective known for their sculptures made from melted PVC figures. They play on the idea of the collectable and mold innocent looking children’s figurines into strange newformats through the morbid process of melting.

three studio gallery japan art 3 Three Studio/Gallery

In December 2010 they exhibited in Miami at an exhibition called PULSE in which they showcased the majority of their most recent work. ‘7825g’ is a sculpture of a human-sized rabbit figure, sliced in half and displayed in two clear plastic boxes revealing the melted plastic forms inside. ‘193.zip’ shows melted figures on wood in an aluminum frame. Amongst the block of melted PVC are circles of clarity; the un-melted figurines stand out. ‘3115g (336bit)’ is made from squares of melted figures, put together they form one larger square whilst the un-melted parts attached to the squares are hidden behind them against the wall, they can only be seen from a side angle view.

three studio gallery japan art 34 Three Studio/Gallery

three studio gallery japan Three Studio/Gallery

‘Tokyo Surge’ is slightly different to the other works, no melted figurines instead wooden cabinets with vibrant plastic waves of color displayed above it. The waves are made from soy sauce containers filled with colored water. “Three” use this idea in other formats too including ‘Tokyo Void’ a cube with a circular void in the top made
entirely from the packets.

tsurge 1 Three Studio/Gallery

By Heather Welsh

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