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Ford and Lopatin-Channel Pressure

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Ford and Lopatin have been melting down the blogosphere as of late with the announcement that their new album, Channel Pressure, will be released June 7 on their own Mexican Summer subsidiary, Software. Formerly known as Games, the Brooklyn-based duo have long been elbows deep into the mixing and remixing of some seriously futuristic laser-licious jamz (check out their Soundcloud for some re-worked Blonde Redhead tracks as well as their awesome late-night mixtape series, Heaven Can Wait). And if you haven’t done so already, go peep the trailer (yeah, trailer) for Channel Pressure, which sets the scene for the electro-futuristic concept album (OMG!!!!1) featuring a robot-hijacked record industry and a teenage anti-hero just tryna make sweet tunes in his bedroom. It’s like Tommy vs. RoboCop vs. Philip K. Dick in all the best ways. Check out the album’s single “Emergency Room” and you’ll see what I mean.

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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