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Fintan Magee


Australian artist Fintan Magee paints walls, produces oil paintings, watercolors and prints all strewn with an array of colorful imagery in many different styles. Inspired by advertising, nature, street culture and advertising Magee’s paintings subvert expectations and take the viewer into a world of surprising beauty and chaos.
FINTAN MCAY Fintan MageeHis recent watercolor drawings (to be made into a series of digital prints) play on strange human/animal formations. In one, a stag’s head sits uncomfortably on a fat man’s chest, sat at a desk. In another a bull’s head meets a torso, one hand holding a plate, the other with the head resting upon it. Certainly strange but not without a particular beauty the drawings are striking.

His wall paintings often involve similar human/animal mutations whilst blue clouds float amongst the scenes connecting the various elements. In some more recent work, Magee comments on the waste problem in society; a teddy bear rests a-top a garbage bag tower in a strange juxtaposition of the throw-away and the new. Magee placed real garbage bags in front of this wall painting creating an installation piece.

Magee currently lives in Brisbane, Australia and works as an artist, illustrator, designer and muralist.

By Heather Welsh

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