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ART: Bo Christian Larsson

bo christian larsson art 3er3jepg ART: Bo Christian Larsson

Works by Bo Christian Larsson

I dreamt I was in a car with no driver’s door speeding down a gravel road. After a few harrowing turns I look in the inexplicably stylish rearview mirror and see two plastic scythes bobbing along a few yards behind.

bo christian larsson art 3jepg ART: Bo Christian Larsson

Their blades are a dull brown and they keep a steady pace. The trees framing the road stand very still, even the ones that are falling over.

bo christian larsson art 3jpg ART: Bo Christian Larsson

As the car kicks up dust and rocks the scythes continue on. They may just be commuting to work or going to get eggs from the store but I know not of their intentions.

bo christian larsson art 3e3jepg ART: Bo Christian Larsson

bo christian larsson art 33jepg 682x1024 ART: Bo Christian Larsson

bo christian larsson art 33ejepg ART: Bo Christian Larsson

The not knowing, an unsettling muscle tensing anticipation, is the same feeling I get from Swedish artist Bo Christian Larsson. A busy man currently living and working in
Munich and Berlin. BCL has full schedule:

Upcoming Exhibitions and Projects
5/3‐2011 Performance (Hidden Track), Gallery VW (VeneKlasen/Werner), Organized by Soundfair, Berlin
May 2011 Solo Show, Cataclysmic RaftOut of Harms Way, Kunstraum Sylt Quelle, Sylt (Catalogue)
June 2011 Solo Show, Brown Project Space, Milano
June 2011 Group Show, Bayrische Staatsforsten, Regensburg (Catalogue)
September 2011 Solo Show, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen (Catalogue)
September 2011 Solo Show, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig (Catalogue)
November 2011 Solo Show, Steinle Contemporary, Munich
2012: Solo Show, Kristinehamns Konst

Article by Cole Nowicki

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