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ART: Amanda Gehin

amanda gehin art ART: Amanda Gehin

Amanda Gehin’s art can be most easily defined by her combination of strong shapes with vibrant color, falling best under the cubism movement but also with influence from expressionism. Her use of shapes may vary with some being sharper and more geometric (Dining Room, 2:02 With Sunset, Impossible Door) while others use more free-flowing and fluid design incorporating smooth curves (Chevrons Surging from H House, Rabbit Folding into Skull Tree).

amanda gehin art3e ART: Amanda Gehin

In all of her works, her predominate colors are warm reds combined with earthy brown tones; these are then supplemented by cooler blues and greens giving an architectural space a more natural theme. While she incorporates elements into more than one painting, such as the impossible triangle design in both Dining Room and Impossible Door, each piece is unique and distinguishable. Her goal with her art is to use impossible three-dimension shapes on a two-dimensional surface. The Kansas City artist also does work in sculpturing including natural plants with constructed shapes, blending natural with geometrical like her paintings.

amanda gehin arte ART: Amanda Gehin

amanda gehin art3er ART: Amanda Gehin

Article by Ben Steinmeier

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