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Therapies Son Upcoming Release

therapies son

Therapies Son: Touching Down

I had definitely reached that point in the season when I was pretty much sick of every single thing on my iPod. Even shuffle wasn’t bringing up any gems, so it was a real relief when I clicked on Therapies Son bandcamp and was hit with a wave of goodness via “Touching Down”. With shades of Air coming through the poppy piano riff, slightly reverbed vocals, and shimmering strings I was hooked. It was a wave of warmth after a cold winter of chemical feeling synths. My only critique of “Touching Down” is that it ends too quickly. “Rose Red Rose”, its follow-up is a bit slower and heavier on the synths but still produces a refreshing take on the recent saturation of electro-pop. The rest of Therapies Son 10-inch (which will be released April 16 in honor of Record Store Day) continues on more of a slower pace, but second to last track “Yellow Mama” has a delicious slow build with a warbling synth over a crisp drumbeat. It’s like floating underwater.

By: Stephanie Glass

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