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This Week’s Past Life: “We Are Proof That the Heart is a Risky Fuel to Burn”

songs ohia This Week’s Past Life: “We Are Proof That the Heart is a Risky Fuel to Burn”
Songs: Ohia: The Lioness

2000, Secretly Canadian

I first heard Songs: Ohia’s The Lioness long before I even knew the concept of heartache. Until you’ve experienced it, you can only equate it to superficial things – movie characters like Lloyd Dobler outside a window with a boom box or a heroine on the side of a bridge so willing to jump to her death. The first time I listened to The Lioness in its entirety, I remember staring at the stereo and thinking, “and that’s what heartbreak feels like” – that sinking feeling; the death of something inside is so intense through Jason Molina’s lyrics and dark riffs, one would actually be smart to steer clear of love and its cronies.

From the first song, “The Black Crow,” to the very last second of “Just a Spark,” as a listener, you’re pulled through the marshland of relationship squalor and when you get to the other side, you have a better understanding of frailty and self-worth; a deeper knowledge of the intricacies of the human heart.

It would be a long time afterward before I really knew exactly how true all those lyrics of Molina’s were, but when I finally did, I was grateful that I wasn’t alone… and that the whole love thing really does do a number on the soul. Ugh.

By: Amanda Chatel

“Being in Love,” from The Lioness:

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