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Craig Colorusso’s Sun Boxes

sun boxes almost all 890x890 Craig Colorussos Sun Boxes

“Sun Boxes” is a traveling, ever-changing art exhibit that offers a unique experience for every participator.  Craig Colorusso, an old rock artist turned sound/light artist, takes his installation of twenty solar powered speakers around North America, puts them down in parks in always different arrangements, and offers passers-by an exclusive encounter with the meditative sounds produced by the speakers. Collectively, the speakers resound the B flat sixth chord as recorded on guitar by Colorusso. The experience varies as you walk around inside the array of sounds. The notes sent out by the different speakers vary in time, which turns the area into an ocean of B flat notes, emerging and leaving as if guided by the tide. As visitors walk in and around the installation, the sound blanket will fluctuate, making every experience different and new. Entering the realm of sounds is meant to have both a calming and an energizing effect, a combination of feelings Colorusso points out on his website is often used to describe yoga or meditation. The visitor is invited to slow down walking, even sit down, to truly take in the subtleties of the composition. The more time spent submerged in the sounds, the more a visitor will be able to unravel the blanket and hear the distinctive threads of sound as generated by the different speakers, as well as by the surrounding environment. Only one of the playful elements is the way the speakers are regulated by the sun, a single cloud can shut off one or more of the speakers and so influence the experience. His next show will be at the University of Vermont April 20, 21, and 22.
Find more information on “Sun Boxes” and Craig Colorusso here.

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Article by Laura De Vos

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