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Galit Atoll

Galit Atoll Photography 3 Galit Atoll

NAME: My Name is Galit Atoll, 26 Female.
WHERE ARE YOU FROM: I moved from NY to Tokyo last year.
EQUIPTMENT YOU USE: To take the photos I use any device that can catch a picture: cameras, webcam, iphone..
INFLUENCES: I have a French photography book with a collection of photographs from before WWI till the 70s, that I like to look at once in while.
Other than this, I’m influenced from every other contemporary photographer, even if I don’t like his/ her photos. It just gives me the sense of the places where I haven’t explored yet.
A LITTLE ABOUT YOU: Don’t consider myself as a photographer… I have many conflicts in me between presenting what others showed, and presenting a piece from me, from my emotional background, even if it’s not in the professional standards I think it should be.
Galit Atoll Photography1 Galit Atoll
Galit Atoll Photography Galit Atoll
Galit Atoll Photography4 Galit Atoll
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